Just as it is for buyers, ’tis the season for renters to find a first, new, move-up, move-down or move-over rental home.

If you are a renter on the go looking for the “best” rental market, it’s a good idea to know in advance what to expect when you get there.

Of course, “best” depends upon personal needs – affordability, commuter friendliness, climate, livability, population size, education quality and a host of other lifestyle needs. has completed a lot of the legwork to unearth the best rental towns for your specific pleasure.

It’s “Renting ‘Round the U.S.” infographic is a compilation of rental data from a host of sources including,; CNN Money; Kiplinger; and

Here are several examples:

  • In Greensboro, NC you can save money even if you splurge during the winter holidays.Greensboro has a cost of living that is 3.1 percent lower than the national average and it’s ranked 12 out of the 50 cities considered the most financially sound in the nation.

    But this isn’t a town full of accountants. Greensboro is also known for big town parties during the winter holidays. Something about that yule tide.


  • In Somerset, NJ there’s a good opportunity you can land the kind of job you need to have the cash to be in with the in crowd.Somerset’s unemployment rate is 2.1 percent under the national average, and the median age of residents is only 40(that’s the new 30) .

    Unfortunately, the cost of living in this Jersey town is a whopping 31 percent higher than the national average, but you can find a first and second job in this town.


  • New Orleans, LA is one big meet market listed as one of the top five best places for block parties. You’ll just need a small place with room enough for a bed because you’ll be up all night.New Orleans is one of the most sleepless cities in the nation, but that’s how you’ll hook up. The Crescent City is also extremely popular among singles.

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