A Portable and Balcony-Friendly Grill

A Portable and Balcony-Friendly Grill


As the summer grilling season carries on, I have fallen head over heels for this tiny, portable, and even balcony-friendly grill! It was originally designed back in 2006 by Henrik Drecker as part of his thesis and then showcased at the Cologne Furniture Fair. Read on to learn about its unique portable features…

This compact grill can hang on railings, but it can also be easily unlatched to sit on tables or next to the pool for easy access. I love this concept because it means one grill for entertaining at home, on the road, and even camping! It also is a simple and easy to clean design. With four main components, the grill rack, basin, and catchment container along with the external case are all that need to be cleaned. With just a tug at the cover, the grill top is protected from weather, helping it last longer. Although the grill was originally designed to burn coal, I think there is potential for using this concept with other fuel sources.

Ringing in around $65 USD, this German invention just may find its way into my home. What great, space-saving, summer tips do you have?

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