Small Space Living…

Here in L.A., homes keep getting smaller, and rent prices keep going up. Is it like that where you live? Nowadays, urban-dwellers such as myself are willing to sacrifice living space for a good location. It’s worth it to live near the beach, or walking-distance to a favorite little cafe and club, but it can be challenging to squeeze an entire life into a few hundred square feet, right? Well, challenging yes, but not impossible. Here are my top tips for living large in small spaces… and fore more ideas, check out my Small Space Style collection.
Image by Justina Blakeney

1. Use Two-for-Ones

In this studio space, I used a small desk likethese,  that could double as a dining table for two. By placing the table protruding out from the wall you ensure the desk also works for dining.
Image by Laure Joliet for Justina Blakeney

2. Use Stackable Furniture

Think about storage when buying pieces. These modern chairs from Blu Dot are a perfect example of small, stylish, stackable options.
Image by Justina Blakeney

3. Use functional pieces as decor

Don’t hide pretty tea cups away in precious storage space, use small hooks to keep your pretty china on dislpay, and save the out-of-site storage for unglier cargo.
Image by Justina Blakeney

4. Fold Down Furniture

In this tiny kitchen, I used a fold-down table to create an optional breakfast nook. Adopt the idea for almost anywhere in the home.
Image of Justina’s home by Teri Lynn Fisher

5. Add Shelving to Walls and Windows

One of the largest challenges in small-space living is the lack of storage space. Create additional storage space by building shelving on walls and in-set windows, like this one in my kitchen.
Image by Justina Blakeney

6. Save Space with Multi-Use Furniture

This window seat provides storage, a hamper, a desk and a place to sit. Think about using multi-functional furniture, like these pieces, in your small space.
Image by Justina Blakeney

7. Crate Shelving

Using vintage crates is a great way to create modular, custom shelving on the cheap. Build the shelves all the way up to the ceiling to maximize storage.

8. Use Area Rugs to define spaces

Sometimes in really small spaces, you’re working with just one room for your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Area rugs are a great way to help define each individual space to make the room feel larger.

9. Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors on your walls is a wonderful way to make a space feel larger and reflect more light around the home.

10. Use Paint

Use paint to define the spaces and create room dividers where none exist. Also remember that light colors, especially white can help make a smaller space feel larger.

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