The Wilson

Designed from the outside to have the same architectural flourishes as the Paris Opera House, The Wilson is a historic building in Downtown Dallas, situated across the street from the famed Neiman Marcus flagship building. Just as celebrated and iconic as the company it keeps, The Wilson has retained its distinguished charm throughout the decades, attracting urban city-dwellers with a penchant for timeless taste.


Originally a department store and multi-tenant office building, The Wilson is now home to more than 140 urban loft-style apartments that vary in design, ambiance, and personality as much as the tenants that dwell within. From the rare, original wood doors to the vintage glass transom windows bearing the names of professionals of a bygone era, The Wilson provides an inimitable opportunity to visit history in one of Dallas’ most significant buildings.


Creative professionals appreciate the high ceilings and expansive spaces bathed in sunlight from the oversized windows.  From industrial stained concrete and exposed ductwork and brick, to hardwood and terrazzo flooring and marble countertops, The Wilson offers you a home that’s matches your vision, your creativity, your lifestyle. Wake up to the same inspiration that encouraged entrepreneurs to energize Dallas’ retail scene so long ago. Wake up and create your own history at The Wilson.


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